4d Security Solutions


Security Solutions for your Business and Home




4D Security Solutions is a national provider of preferred PSIRA-registered security personnel. With branches in Gauteng, KZN, Eastern Cape and Western Cape, we are fast becoming a household name in the guarding industry. Latest officer-monitoring, access control and surveillance technologies are applied to ensure 24-hour accountability, integrity and the fulfilment of our promises to our clients across a wide range of industries.

Guarding solutions are designed to meet client specifications through a thorough security needs assessment by a qualified 4D Security Solutions assessor. Daily performance summaries are available for the client’s consideration.

Our tailor-made security solutions include:

  • Covert operations

  • Risk consultation

  • Truth verification and lie-detection services

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Integrity testing

  • Manned guarding

  • Access control

  • FSK (Live guard real-time monitoring)

  • Biometric access/egress technology

  • General investigations (internal and external)


4D Security Solutions specialises in a range of surveillance systems such as Analogue, IP and Hybrid Systems. Off Site Reviewing, Off Site Monitoring, Till Integration and Weight Bridge Integration. With a strong foothold across South Africa, we’ve served various industries and met a variety of security and surveillance needs for both small and large enterprises.

Long established and well experienced in servicing commercial and industrial markets, we’ve actively kept abreast of the latest technology. We specialise in the supply, sale, rental, installation and maintenance of all CCTV and related products. We maintain strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure we offer the best surveillance brands and ultimately the best products and services. Our track record stands as testimony to our constant pursuit of excellence in our field.


24 Hour Call Centre

4D Security Solutions call centre is state of the art in all aspects of visual audio and digital communication. Our two way radio system allows us to talk to Officers around the country without restriction and allows us to pinpoint his position while using the radio via GSM.

Our 24hr Guard patrol systems are monitored in” real time” and will track the officer in the course of his patrol. The system also provides the security officer with the support of panic alarm. We also have the capability of monitoring our CCTV camera systems in “real time “throughout the country.



4D Security Solutions has an in-house Dog Handler with a Trained Guard Dog for Patrol Services, Narcotics searches and Ballistics.

Our Security Officers are required to take a Dog Handlers Course as well as a course on ‘how to handle the public in a crisis situation’. 4D/Alert Security Canine Unit dogs are fully trained and are deployed on a site after careful consideration of the site’s security requirements. 

4D Security supplies on-site kennelling facilities should the need arise. Our kennels and kennelling facilities exceed the standards laid down by PSIRA and SPCA. Our dog handlers are trained in Kennel Management and are given basic medical training.

access control

The Access Control System is an extremely effective crime deterrent. It provides an efficient means of granting entry to authorised personnel, while maintaining a high level of building and property security. The Access Control system recovers its costs by preventing incidents that could potentially result in serious financial losses.

In addition to asset protection, it provides the assurance that employees will be protected. The system only allows entry to authorised individuals and keeps unwelcome intruders out, by restricting individual movement and controlling who is allowed entry to specific areas at specific times. The access control system not only restricts who can go where at certain times of the day and night, it also provides an audit trail of the times that individuals are accessing facilities. Business managers can easily find out who was in a specific area at the exact time that an incident occurred.



At 4D Security Solutions we understand that a holistic approach to safety is necessary, in order to decrease any risk factors that surround your specific business. This is why we undertake to provide our clients with turnkey integrated solutions of the highest quality, specifically designed to minimize risk while effectively enhancing operational productivity.

4D Security offers clients a selection of SAIDSA approved electronic security systems, monitored through our National Control Room facility.





4D Cleaning Services is a single-source supplier of specialised cleaning solutions.

Our brand philosophy allows for the continuous improvement of our cleaning service through technological development and targeted staff training. This further enhances our guarantee of consistent quality standards.

Highly specialised environmental conditions demand highly specialised cleaning expertise. Trained and experienced 4D Cleaning Services teams guarantee a highly specialised cleaning crew for clients across all industry sectors.