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SEETA Approved Outsourced and In-house Training


Training Programmes

All training is conducted through PSIRA and SEETA approved training facilities across the country. Our in-house training officers conduct on-site and on-the-job practical courses on an ongoing basis. We at 4D Security believe that our obligation to the training and development of our staff not only leads to better job prospects, but also assists in staff retention.

Seeta approved outsourced training programs


Fire fighting

This program is for any individual who has been nominated as a Basic Fire Fighter in his or her work environment. This course will teach delegates the basic firefighting skills that they will need in order to safely combat a fire.


First aid

All 4D Security staff are mandated to complete the SEESA First Aid Course that is registered by the Department of Labour as an Approved First Aid Organisation in terms of Regulation 3(4) of the General Safety Regulation to issue certificates of competency in First Aid to persons who have successfully completed the course.



health & Safety

This course is aimed at training safety representatives in the workplace as stipulated in section 17(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The Act stipulates that if a workplace has more than 20 employees that a safety representative must be appointed in writing. This course does not need to be accredited in order to meet the requirements set by the Department of Labour when conducting inspections.


Customer service

This course enables 4D Security Solutions employees to understand customer needs and empowers them with the skills to meet and exceed the customer’s expectations. This course was designed to teach delegates the basic principles of customer care and how to communicate effectively with customers.


CFO: What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?

CEO: What happens if we don’t, and they stay?

In-house training programs offered by 4D Security Solutions

4D Security Solutions employs qualified PSIRA Registered Instructors to provide the best possible in-house training available to our management and staff.  Our Retail Security, Loss Control and Industrial Security Courses are designed to ensure that we deploy well-qualified and committed security officers to our guarding sites. The 4D Security Solutions in-house training embraces and instils not only a culture of learning and development, but reinforces the ethos of "service excellence through Education and development”.


retail, industrial & commercial training

Retail Training

Retail Security Training is aimed at providing a knowledge of security procedures to staff and management working within the retail sector. This training will provide the learner with a working knowledge of store security procedures and loss prevention techniques. Communication Skills training is vital in this area of the security industry.

Industrial Training

Our training program provides a strong foundation for a security officer involved in the Industrial Guarding sector. The Training program covers risk management concepts, security principles, roles, responsibilities, processes and systems.

Commercial Training

Commercial Security Training focuses on security, both internal and external Access Control, Health and Safety and Fire Detection.  However, as the security officer is most often required to provide direction, control and movement of people throughout the business, communication becomes a major part of his training, thereby improving his ability to communicate on all levels, and in each sector.